Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Home

Before purchasing a home, many will look at the neighborhood, schools, proximity to stores and parks and many small details that will make living in the area pleasant.  However, many really don’t think about the small things that could make your dream home turn into a money pit.  This is why having a full home inspection wichita falls tx done on the property you are looking to purchase before making an offer is a wise decision and is required by law.  Here are a few things to look at.

full home inspection wichita falls tx


The overall structure of the building needs to be strong.  When doing an inspection, they will look for insect and animal activity, water damage, stress fractures and anything to deal with the structural stability of the house.  Over time the house will begin to settle and at these times unknown issues may appear.  This is why it is important to look at all the structural issues before buying.


The next area that will need to be explored is the plumbing.  As we run water through our pipes they will begin to expand and contract.  The warm and cold weather will also play a part on the pipes in the home as well.  When looking at the plumbing the inspector will look at connections, dry rot, leaks and even signs of past leaks where repairs were done.  It is important that your home pass a plumbing inspection, the last thing you want to happen is water damage.


Electrical issues need to be spotted and dealt with immediately.  With electricity you don’t want to mess around.  If your home is old and the wood is extremely dry, any spark can cause an ignition source causing a fire which could lead to the total destruction of the home and loss of lives.

As you can see having an inspection done on your home is vital to your home’s health.  Make sure that you allow your inspector enough time to complete their tasks and that you fix or repair everything on their list as soon as possible.